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Anyone who has ever looked for a no-artificial-chemicals, all-mineral, whole-body sunscreen that does not leave you covered in a whitish film has been, until now, a very frustrated person. This brilliant SPF30 sinks in instantly, miraculously. And no, it has no nanoparticles either (if you're the sort of person searching for the above ultimate formula, you do not want nanoparticles). And it smells nice!
Feels incredible (cushy, moisturizing, healing) and looks fantastic: the perfect don't-need-a-mirror tint.
If you've got mild dark circles, this tinted moisturizer-like formula is perfect. If it's a more major problem, it's the ideal moisturizer to smooth on before dabbing on thick, more pigmented concealer—you'll need much less!
The truest-black, the glidingest formula on the market. Makes the crispest cat-eye or the smudgiest smoky eye and lasts all day (or night).
Every beauty editor keeps a tube of this on hand—no other instant-fix (defrizzing, unpuffing, texturizing, etc.) product even comes close.
Causes much, much less damage to your hair than traditional color—leaving you with shine and bounce to spare. (Plus it only takes 10 minutes, leaves amazing permanent color and doesn't smell of ammonia, a serious upgrade in and of itself.)
Instant sexy. It looks great no matter what your skin tone, and it lasts and lasts.
Rich pigments and incredible hydration—this looks and feels like lipstick that costs 10 times as much.
Gigantic, wide-awake eyes with a single swipe. And not a flake ever.
Flat-out amazing. Gentle, organic, effective, and they smell like lavender.