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Dry brushing before a shower or bath creates the softest skin ever. Plus, it improves circulation, and, since exfoliated skin is even and smooth, your moisturizing washes and lotions will work a thousand times better.
Serum is most hydrating if it's made with hyaluronic acid, a natural moisturizer (it already occurs in your skin) that holds a thousand times its weight in water. Layer thicker moisturizer over the serum to help lock it in.
Certain lip glosses and even lipsticks, particularly long-lasting formulas, can dry out your lips. Tinted balm with sun protection—reapplied regularly—can quickly turn things around.
Body wash entirely without the detergent SLS is bound to be less drying.
A bath is hideously drying but wildly relaxing. When you can, take baths with a few capfuls of oil. It will not only relax your entire body and mind, it will leave your skin super-soft and hydrated.
Before applying any type of lip color, prep your lips with balm. All your lipstick will go on more evenly, and it won't highlight any cracks or chapped spots.
A mask just feels really good. And you sure look better after. We love a good 15 minutes of one before a party. Or while lying in the tub, feeling super-sorry for oneself. Either way, hope in a ... Freddy Krueger–like package.
Exfoliation is the key to getting serious moisture into your skin. Toward that end, we exfoliate in the shower—body and face. It's more effective, less messy, more efficient and actually kind of pleasurable.
You can never have enough hand cream. And when you're going to need it most is when you're not at home, invariably, so carry it with you.
The Brand of Constant Moisture Award: It seems like everything they make at Burt's Bees is ultra-rich and nourishing. It's kind of hard to go wrong.