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Clear skin takes constant vigilance—treat even when your skin looks perfect.
Applied both day and night, this salicylic acid formula unclogs pores for brighter, clearer skin.
This works double time to clear up breakouts while simultaneously preventing the dark marks they leave behind.
A sulfur, tea tree oil and salicylic acid powder that cleverly—and amazingly—hides blemishes as they heal.
Benzoyl peroxide kills pimple-causing bacteria, while skin conditioners prevent dryness and flaking.
This benzoyl peroxide concoction is designed to last on skin longer—to better eradicate acne-causing bacteria.
Both deep-cleaning and exfoliating, this three-times-a-week mask is incredibly smoothing.
The blog post that nearly crashed
"How to Pop a Pimple" sent our entire site into overdrive, and the guest blogger responsible, L.A. dermatologist Jessica Wu (left), now has a new book, Feed Your Face ($27, St. Martin's Press, Here, her advice:

step 1

The only pimples that are (relatively) safe to pop are whiteheads. Painful cysts or boils are too deep to drain by yourself and can scar.

step 2

Wash your hands and face; swab spot with alcohol.

step 3

Dip a clean needle in alcohol and gently pierce the whitehead. Try not to draw blood.

step 4

Gently squeeze from either side using hands or Q-tips. If it doesn't come out easily, stop. Squeezing too hard causes scarring.

step 5

Cover with a Band-Aid to prevent scabbing.