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Eleanor Strauss, senior fashion editor
"I love this L’Oréal mascara: It can do a clean look for day—and with a little wiggle, a full lash for evening."
Maura Lynch, senior beauty editor
"So powerful, I’m pretty sure it could coax lashes from air. It gives unbelievable volume, thickness and definition—and it stays put all day long."
Ray Siegel, associate online fashion editor
"A curved application brush is key for me—I maneuver it the way I want my lashes to go. Plus, it’s super-lengthening."
Jean Godfrey-June, beauty director
"I tried this because it’s paraben-free but became devoted because it makes my lashes enormous."
Lisa Steinmeyer, design director
"The color looks great when light catches it. Also, if my eyes water (contact lenses), it actually looks nice when it runs, instead of giving me raccoon eyes."
Jenna Gottlieb, editorial associate
"It’s hard to find mascara that thickens without causing the spider-leg effect. This one totally enhances, but in a way that looks natural."