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Click through to shop our 40 favorite drugstore products of all time—from our go-to lip balms to the best frizz-free serum you'll ever own.
Feels incredible (cushy, moisturizing, healing) and looks fantastic: the perfect don't-need-a-mirror tint.
Causes much less damage to your hair than traditional color, leaving you with shine and bounce to spare. (Plus it only takes 10 minutes, is permanent and doesn't smell of ammonia, a serious upgrade in and of itself.)
Rich pigments and incredible hydration—this looks and feels like lipstick that costs 10 times as much.
Hypoallergenic and fragrance free, this body soap works on even the most sensitive of skin types.
Out late last night? Look wide awake in seconds with a concealer that masks dark circles, reduces the look of puffiness and protects the sensitive undereye area with SPF 20.
The more you use this lip balm, the better it gets. Not only does it provide immediate relief for dry, chapped lips, but after a week you'll see that your lips feel smooth and supple.
A couple of swipes of this mascara and it'll seem like your lashes are growing lashes—so lush.
Dandruff or not, Head and Shoulders smells amazing and leaves your hair feeling really clean.
It's far cheaper and just as effective as any fancy dry shampoo you'll find.
The mascara that needs no introduction—the pink and green tube is everyone's go-to.
Degree Shower Clean has been our deodorant of choice for as long as we can remember.
Gillette razors are the best that any man—or woman—can get. It really is the closest shave by far.
It feels light and weightless like a powder, but blends in seamlessly with your skin like a cream to give you a glowy flush.
After hours of staring at a computer screen, this is the best remedy for dry eyes.
You can actually see the blackheads being eliminated with each use.
No "GTL" jokes here. There isn't a girl in our office that doesn't use this gradual self-tanner—it doesn't show up like self-tanner at all—because as the name suggests, the tint is entirely natural looking.
Every pro stylist's hairspray of choice.
Every nail kit needs this dark purple shade. It's less edgy than black, but still makes a cool statement.
Leave these in your top drawer for when you're feeling too lazy to wash your face at night.
Chapped lips don't stand a chance against Aquaphor. Use in anywhere on your body that needs a shot of extra moisture.
It's the non-scented, non-everything way to hydrate even the driest, most sensitive skin.
It's a real throwback to the '80s, but this classic shampoo is every bit as good as we remember.
The biggest strides in the way of volumizing shampoo were made by Pantene, plus you get that lasting clean hair scent.
A drugstore splurge, but it really does take care of stains and it doesn't taste as much like toothpaste, which is a good thing.
The most universally flattering shade of pink you'll ever wear.
This anti-wrinkle cream has both SPF and retinol in it. Everyone should be using both of these things every day, and this product is the answer.
Who didn't have a Lip Smacker collection as a kid? This Dr. Pepper flavor is too good.
A very high-end makeup brush at a wallet-friendly price. You'll see the difference when applying blush or bronzer—everything looks more even with the right makeup tools.
It's lightweight, non-greasy and every bit as effective as the fancier brands. This little bottle lasts for a long time, too.
A relaxing, beautifully lavender scented lotion to use at night. It helps calm fussy babies, but works equally as well for mothers (and those without children) too.
Inside this little tube, you'll find every possible eye wrinkle defense mechanism—even vitamin C. You barely need anything else.
Relive your youth every once in awhile by taking a bubble bath—plus, Mr. Bubble himself is quite possibly the cutest little guy to grace any drugstore aisle.
Consider this the only body moisturizer you'll ever need. It contains natural oatmeal that helps protect dry skin all day and night.
It removes even the most stubborn makeup with a few easy swipes.
There's a bit of nostalgia surrounding this one, as many of us remember our mothers spraying this all over our hair before brushing out the tangles from the day. Tip: It works on adults too.
Any makeup artist will tell you that this one is in his or her top five. It's ideal for a more dramatic, evening lash look.
Every beauty editor keeps this on hand—no other instant fix (defrizzing, unpuffing, texturizing, etc.) product even comes close.
There's almost nothing more satisifying than seeing a day's worth of shine and grime patted off with a couple of these pocket-friendly, oil-absorbing sheets.
Makes second-day hair feel fresh again by adding texture and volume while smoothing out flyaways.
There's a matching hair tie for every shade of brunette and blonde—plus, no metal means your ponytail will never snag.