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Bath & Shower

Preserve your haircolor. Shampoos designed to enhance highlights keep you out of the chair longer.

Maintain your nails. Clean-looking nails give the impression of a full manicure: Use Sally Hansen Super Shine Nail Finish, then a white pencil to fill in the undersides for a polished set.

Pamper your feet while you sleep. Apply Philosophy Soul Owner all over your feet before bed for an overnight pedicure.

Stop using mascara and lash curlers. Prescription-only Latisse strengthens, thickens, and grows eyelashes, making the usual tools far less essential.

Spend less time shaving. Used regularly, hair-growth-minimizing products (prescription Vaniqa lotion for the face, Aveeno Positively Smooth shave gel for the body) truly work—you won't have to shave or wax nearly as much.

Focus on skincare. Well-cared-for skin pays off in the form of less concealer, foundation, and powder.

Skip the exfoliator. Rubbing and scrubbing before self-tanning isn't as important as it's claimed to be. You can often skip it entirely—or use an exfoliating bar soap or body wash.

Save yourself a trip to the salon by trimming your own bangs. Pinch a bit of hair between your fingers, twist, and snip off the ends with nail scissors. (Twisting ensures a natural edge.)

Make your blowout last. Applying dry shampoo in the morning will extend the life of your expertly styled look.