Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Amyris Femme, $185,

A fall fragrance is a lovely concept: The sweaters are thicker, the leaves are swirling and scents are more intense, complex, sophisticated. Musk, amber, bourbon! Chocolate! Iris! Oud! Unsophisticatedly, whatever the season, I want the sprightly and the springy and decidedly less intense. But this fall, at last, Francis Kurkdjian has fixed my problem: His new perfume is made with resin from the amyris, a type of small tree. “Resin” in fragrance generally means musk-amber city­—as does the very costly, very rare iris, which is also mixed into this unbelievably … pretty concoction. Kurkdjian says it’s the juxtaposition of the two ingredients that makes the scent so beautiful, and I believe him. But whatever the reason, it is simply gorgeous and beyond sophisticated—not to mention utterly and completely not what you’re expecting for fall.