Sally Hershberger Curvaceous, $13,

When you get your hair cut at Sally Hershberger, you brace yourself. You will see at least one jaw-droppingly famous person there, plus various … luminaries: CEOs, novelists, newscasters. I sat next to a jaw-dropper and luminary recently; together they decided I needed a blowout.

Not my favorite look. In the (hilarious, adorable) children’s book Dandelion, a lion dresses up in grotesquely fancy clothes for a socialite/giraffe’s party; he stops at the hairdresser’s. There is a cut, then, in an interim stage before his mane is
curled, a blowout of sorts. Dandelion, with his poker-straight mane looking oddly naked and wrong, is what I look like with straight hair.

If I were confident in myself instead of weak-kneed in the face of even vague celebrity, I’d have spoken up (I caved quickly). Then, staring at my hapless Dandelion-blowout reflection, I despaired. I waited for the conversation to shift, for the celebrities to look away (this did not take long).

I spritzed on a bit of water and grabbed this faintly summer-scented curl cream: instant, perfect, shiny, happy waves. It defrizzes, it defines and it’s so good I now run it through my hair every time I step out of the shower.