Anti-Aging Products to Use Even When You're Young

The minute I graduated from college, my friends and I all began to panic about getting old. Aside from lamenting over our decreasing tolerance for minimal sleep, we would stand in front of triple magnification mirrors nitpicking. One stray grey hair or fine line was enough cause to proclaim our youth officially on the downward slope.

Of course we were being ridiculous, and thanks to the reminders of anyone I know who is no longer in their twenties, I'm learning to relish in the time that the fountain of youth is still on my side.

That being said, the way us twenty-somethings treat our bodies—namely our skinwill show in years to come. For preservation purposes, I often wonder, at the age of 23, is it too early to start using anti-aging products?

The truth is, yes, it is too early to splurge on heavy duty wrinkle, eye and neck creams and treatments. The best measures to take are to wear sunscreen, moisturize often and avoid cigarettes. There are, however, some products that contain ingredients such as antioxidants and vitamin A that are proven to prolong youthful-looking skin and to prevent preliminary signs of aging. Click through to find the one that's best for you.

The antioxidants in this sunscreen can help to prevent fine lines now and age spots down the road.

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