Josie Maran The Moroccan Bazaar Shimmer & Glow Argan Essentials, $28,

One of the best gifts I ever got was a stack of gorgeous Turkish towels. Everyone should get them (; they are like towels, but sexier on the body (thinner, drapier, rippling with ancient Middle Eastern glamour and mystery) and better-looking in the bathroom. (Men have to be convinced of their utility, but once forced to try, they get on board.) This hammam-ish bag is the travel version of the fabulous towels, and it contains generous sizes of Josie Maran’s signature argan* oil (for face, body, hair), plus argan-infused lip gloss, cream blush and glowifying highlighter cream, all of them ultra-moisturizing and vaguely citrusy.

This is what I say about argan oil: A thousand years ago, jangling in the back of a bus going up a mountain in Crete, I looked out the window and noticed goats—regular, run-of-the-mill goats—were climbing the trees. Successfully climbing the trees, balancing on even far-out branches like so many monkeys. It turns out they were after argan fruit; argan oil is made from the seeds. Though the goats were not an immediate advertisement for the benefits of argan (their hair concealed their relative youthiness), the oil has been used for centuries by women in Crete, Morocco, etc., as a potent antiager/moisturizer/all-around beautifier. I say, if goats are willing to climb for it, it’s most definitely worth anointing yourself with.