It’s not just what’s on the inside (of the package!) that counts, maintains beauty editor Jean Godfrey-June.

Nest Fine Fragrances Eau de Parfum in Midnight Fleur, Passiflora and Amazon Lily, $115 each,

Perfume boxes are some of the most gorgeous packaging in existence—a good thing when you’re furiously parceling out gifts to everyone and her sister at this time of year: You often don’t need wrapping paper. But I am regularly disappointed—crushed, even—once the perfume is out of the box. It’s not that the bottles are ugly; it’s that the boxes they come in are much prettier. These gorgeous, super-sophisticated new perfumes come in boxes painted with incredible botanical drawings—but the bottles are painted with the same incredible drawings. They are 100 percent stunning, through and through. No disappointment! Only happiness!