No, I Didn't Get a Face-Lift!

All my friends keep asking, "What happened to you? You look amazing!"


It was actually kind of an accident. I'd gone to see Dr. Jeremy Green (a dermatologist in Dr. Frederic Brandt's Miami office) for a minor laser treatment -- just something that would lift away a few tiny sunspots. But then Dr. Green said, "Can you cancel your plans this weekend? I think you should go big or go home." And he's really cute and persuasive.

He used a new laser called Fraxel Dual 1550/1927 and it has all the benefits of a regular Fraxel treatment (which reverses almost every sign of aging, from hyper-pigmentation to redness to superficial wrinkles) but without the weeks-long downtime. The procedure isn't terribly painful. The nurse prepped my face with some numbing cream, but nothing else. I looked a little pink afterward, and there was a brief moment, as I was walking to the parking garage, where I felt like I'd just taken something out of the oven with my face, but once I sat in front of my car's air conditioning vent for a minute, I felt fine again. I hid in the house for the next three days, looking like the Tanning Mom. My face felt tighter and more sandpapery by the minute. And then on the night of the third day, I took a shower and all the scales suddenly loosened and rubbed off to reveal the luminous skin beneath.

Beauty editors are pretty jaded; we see"miracle" treatments practically every week. But honestly, the reason people have been raving about this is: it truly changes your skin. It's only been three weeks and mine already looks dramatically smoother and super glowy and even. (The laser helps generate collagen and elastin so I'm supposed to see optimal results in 2-3 months.)  And the three-day recovery means it's actually possible to fit a treatment into ... Life. Which is why my friend Ann already booked an appointment.

It's not cheap: about $800 - $1200 per treatment. And a lot of dermatologists don't own this laser yet. But I'm telling you, there's nothing like it!