Laura Mercier The Flawless Face Book Portable Complexion Palette

Laura Mercier The Flawless Face Book Portable
Complexion Palette, $59,

I am boorish when certain of something. My college roommates once banded together and insisted that Men at Work’s “It’s a Mistake” was in fact titled “Midsummer’s Day,” just to see me lose my mind.

The other day, I thought I’d give Laura Mercier some advice. “You know what you need to make?” I blurted. “A compact with concealer and all skin stuff in one place.” I have always felt portable makeup compacts were all wrong: Leaning over a sink, squinting in the ill-lit bathroom mirror of (A) the restaurant, (B) the office, (C) the powder room at a party, my number-one fix-it-now priority is not my eyes, not my lips, but my skin. I’m not going to fashion an elaborate smoky eye, no matter how gorgeous the 10 colors they’ve packed into the adorably portable palette. Cute and portable, but: Why portable? A serious makeup job is an at-home situation.

But if I have acne, I need to fix it, now. Especially if I’m at a party/nightclub/restaurant/ill-lit office. If I have dark circles, I must dab them away—now. If I am shiny, I’d like to fix that—stat. So I felt I’d tell Laura Mercier what was what.

Mercier laughed—and handed me this adorable, super-light compact that is the very first one in history I will actually carry in my makeup bag. In it is everything you need to perfect your skin instantly, whatever your calamity: The two best concealers of all time (one for circles, the other for spots), super-fine invisible powder, the famed tinted moisturizer now in solid form, and a brush. And a big mirror.