Oscar de la Renta Sargasso Eau de Cologne, $150,

Oscar de la Renta is plagued by seaweed that drifts up onto his beach in the Dominican Republic from a mysterious place way out in the ocean known as the Sargasso Sea. “It is somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle,” he explained, wrinkling his nose as he recounted having to haul the stuff away in order to see the sand. “It’s great for the garden, however.” It is also, it turns out, fantastic for perfume. I can’t resist a romantic name, so I would probably love Sargasso even if it smelled like seaweed stuck to a log on a beach. But it smells like I imagine an undersea kelp forest shimmering in the Caribbean sun somewhere south of the Bermuda Triangle might smell: fresh, salty, sunny—as pretty as it gets.