Extreme Cold Weather Skincare

It has officially reached that point of the winter when, despite my rigorous skincare routine, there seems to be no remedy for my increasingly dry, itchy skin.

Since I can't resort to total hibernation and warmer temperatures and humidity (which I never thought I'd miss) are at least two months away, I turned to super-cool pro snowboarder Kimmy Fasani for some skincare tips.

Who better to ask, after all, than someone who voluntarily spends her winter days outside facing the elements?

Click through for Kimmy's 10 must-have products, and check out Kimmy's blog posts on Burton Girls' site.

Image: Dean Blotto Gray

"I have used this toner on a nightly basis for years, and I love the way it leaves my pores feeling clean and clear. When I apply this product to a cotton pad and wipe my face, I am always amazed at how much excess oil and dirt is lifted away."

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