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Creating marbled nails is not as challenging as it looks. The interwebs are chock full of step-by-step DIYs.
This glitter nail polish was technically created in honor of Will and Kate's nuptials, but it works for all-American occasions, too.
Glitter not your thing? How about some polka dots?
Totally Wonder Woman-esque.
Chevron: looks as cool on your nails as it does on your sweater
More marbled awesomeness.
Why not ditch the stars and stripes and opt for fireworks?
To get this rough texture, use OPI's new Liquid Sand polish in The Impossible.
Stars, stripes AND glitter.
Starry glitter is perfect for anyone who might have difficulty drawing tiny stars on her nails (which is me...and also most other people).
And finally, your classic patriotic mani.