Well, Katie Holmes Certainly Has a Signature Beauty Look...

Katie Holmes has signed on as not only the spokeswoman, but the co-owner of hair company Alterna. But this morning, while poring over WWD's shots of the actress' forthcoming print ads for the brand (which launch next month), we were struck by a sudden case of déjà vu. Is it just us, or does Katie look exactly the same in this shoot as she does in her recent Bobbi Brown campaign? Same smoky eye makeup, same nude lips, same softly waved hair—heck, even the charcoal backdrop is identical. Truth be told, it's sort of tough to tell which is the cosmetics ad and which is hair-related (for the record, the image pictured above at left is for Bobbi Brown; at right is her Alterna visual).

But maybe that's not a bad thing. Katie's a classicist and a minimalist at heart—her Holmes & Yang clothing line revolves around luxe basics, and the actress rarely changes up her own fashion formula—so perhaps she's just letting that natural aesthetic shine through in both beauty spots. At any rate, we'd be happy to steal both her smoky eye secrets and her de-frizzing tips.

So what about you? Are Katie's two campaigns making you see double?

Images via Huffingtonpost.com (L), WWD (R)

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