Six Mascaras That Actually Work

There are about a million different mascaras on the market, and they all promise the same result: voluminous, sky-high lashes. If you ask your friends, each one of them is likely to have a different favorite that they swear is the best.

It's all so overwhelming.

Earlier this winter, I was in a real eyelash slump. No magic mascara wand seemed to help my lashes reach their full potential. So, I set out on a quest to find mascaras that actually work, and that—in the case of prestige brands—are actually worth their price tag.

Click through to shop six mascaras—three from prestige brands and three from drugstore brands—that passed my test. You're bound to find the perfect one!

The Verdict:

Many beauty brands boast about their "revolutionary" mascara wands, but they generally all seem pretty similar to me. Except for this one.

Tip: Make sure each section of the wand has the same amount of product on it. Otherwise, your lashes will look like a hot mess. Once you get the hang of it, however, you'll see that the sky-high results are totally worth the hefty price tag.

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