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How I ... Get Totally Smooth Skin!
Exfoliate. I’m a huge fan of vibradermabrasion, which is like microdermabrasion except it uses abrasive paddles instead of a crystal blast to take off dead cells. My skin always glows for weeks after.
I can’t say enough about Retin-A. It turns over skin cells, cleanses pores, prevents lines and wrinkles and minimizes scarring. My doctor says it even helps with eye bags!
Splurge on a miracle foundation. This one’s my favorite—it’s infused with a ton of nourishing ingredients, and it makes my skin look radiant. It’s not cheap, but it’s absolutely worth it!
How I ... Get a Healthy Glow!
Exfoliate with baking soda. I mix it with a little water—it’s not too grainy or too light, and it costs virtually nothing!
Vitamin C = glowing skin. This Garnier treatment makes my skin look like someone went in with an airbrush!
How I ... Stay Hydrated!
I think of my skin regimen as pampering myself, rather than as this tedious thing I have to do every night—it becomes something to look forward to. I have dry, flaky skin, but I still wash my face every morning and exfoliate with these amazing pads, apply serum, then face oil. I’ll repeat this till the end of time, or until my skin changes.
How I ... Get Perfect Pores!
The Clarisonic changed my skin. There’s a notable difference—it really gets deep into pores, and now I break out way less.
I use it morning and night with this Bioré cleanser—the combo is amazing. My skin feels so refreshed afterward.
How I ... Stop Breakouts!
I try not to touch my face. But when I get tired or stressed, I do—and nothing causes breakouts more reliably.
The best treatment is Fresh Umbrian Clay—it clears my skin up fast.