Girls' Allison Williams' Top Beauty Rules!

We’re still not over the tear-jerking season finale of “Girls” and are desperately trying to figure out how to fill the Sunday night void since we’re going to have to wait until next year for more life lessons on what not to do at your ex-boyfriend’s corporate party. Thankfully, Allison Williams (a.k.a. Marnie) is the newest face of Simple Skincare, so we got to spend some time with her and get the beauty (and fashion) tips she lives by:

3. Bring Your Wipes to SoulCycle!

“A lot of people forget that after you work out, your pores are wide open, and they’ll just suck in anything around you. If you wipe with the back of your hand, or the palm of your hand…ugh! When you’re done sweating, instead of using that dirty towel that’s been thrown over the bar of some exercise machine or the shirt that you’re wearing, use an exfoliating wipe.”

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