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1. Pores Are Everything!

“I like to use sterile gauze to wash my face—I know it’s totally clean and I’m not getting anything in those pores. When I’m traveling or don’t have a lot of time, though, I’m a huge advocate of the wipes—I’m obsessed with [Simple Skincare’s] line of wipes. They’re the most low maintenance things in the whole world. I use them obsessively if I’ve just come off the subway and it’s been a particularly musty day in there. There’s no water, nothing. It’s the easiest thing."

2. Skin Should Look Natural

“On 'Girls' we wear HD foundation, which is really, really thin. The reason we do it is because the way the show is shot, you can see makeup—and so you really can’t be caught wearing much of it. But in real life, I wear the Armani foundation. I love the way it feels. It’s totally light and is really easy to apply.”

3. Bring Your Wipes to SoulCycle!

“A lot of people forget that after you work out, your pores are wide open, and they’ll just suck in anything around you. If you wipe with the back of your hand, or the palm of your hand…ugh! When you’re done sweating, instead of using that dirty towel that’s been thrown over the bar of some exercise machine or the shirt that you’re wearing, use an exfoliating wipe.”

4. Makeup is Fun (Especially the Shopping Part)

“When I’m playing mini makeup artist, I go to Alcone, which is a big makeup supplier. I’ll buy things on Amazon once I know I love them—love Amazon, it’s so easy. When I’m really looking to just get in there and get in the game, I always go to Sephora. I really work hard to keep myself out of the store though, because at this point I have so many points racked up, they don’t have enough samples for me! It’s so dangerous.”

5. Red Carpet Fashion Doesn't Have to be Expensive

“A ton of what I wear is American Apparel. I’m shocked at how often I can run in there and find exactly what I’m looking for and just jet out of there. They have really cute summer dresses! If I know I have something to go to that night and don’t have anything to wear, I can drop into American Apparel and will walk out of there with a great dress — like the one above that I wore last September (and it's only $70!). I love Madewell, too. Oh my gosh, I’m obsessed. It’s the best. It’s the kind of place where you can go in and buy something on a whim, and you know you’ll wear it again and again and again.”

6. Splurge When You Really Feel It

“I love Maje. I bought my first Maje item when I went to London with my family a couple of years ago and I had an afternoon when everyone else was doing stuff and I was stranded! So I just went on a walk and found my way to one of the shopping malls, where I discovered Maje and just fell in love."

7. Mother Jeans Will Change Your Life

"They'll change your life! They'll change your life!"