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Winter months can wreak havoc on your skin—your face especially, since it's the area that is most exposed to the elements. A detoxifying cleanser will declog pores, rinse away impurities and brighten and smooth skin.

It's now sunny enough to require SPF protection, but still chilly enough to require lots of moisturizer. A CC cream provides both of these things and more.

Switch to an exfoliating body wash during the spring to get rid of dry and rough winter skin.

Start adding some warmth back into your complexion with a gradual self tanner. This one is firming too, so you'll be even more bikini ready. Click here to shop all of our favorite bronzers and self tanners.

Get your nails manicure ready. This season's pastel-hued polishes are too good to resist.

Even if you wash your hair every day, it's likely full of product buildup. A clarifying shampoo will get rid of all of that excess gunk. This one is sulfate and paraben-free so it's super gentle on your hair.

A moisturizing lip balm in a perfectly spring-y hue.

When is the last time you cleaned your brushes? Think of the bacteria, dust and product build up that you're unconsciously putting on your face every day. Pretty gross.