How to Go Red

Red hair is having a moment. From the red carpets to my circle of friends, redheads seem to be everywhere I turn—resulting in some serious hair color envy. Ruth Roche, redhead and Pureology Artistic Ambassador, attributes this rise in popularity to celebrities like Christina Hendricks and Emma Stone. "As soon as women see someone like that with red hair," she told me over the phone, "it becomes okay."

If you're considering joining the many women who are heading to the hair salon in pursuit of a fiery hue, here's what you need to know:

When deciding what shade of red is best for you, Roche recommends identifying your undertones and thinking about what looks good on you clothing-wise. Deeper and intense red colors will look great on someone with cool undertones, while gold shades of red, like auburn, will complement someone with warm undertones. If this will be your first time with the color, "always go more subtle than you think," advises Roche.

Going red is the easy part. Staying red is another story. "Red hair color," explains Roche, "is one of the first to leave the hair." The main enemy? Water. That's where Pureology's new Reviving Red haircare system comes in.

The line's shampoo and conditioner work to seal in proteins and color pigment, thereby prolonging the color's life. The Red and Copper Reflect Enhancers actually deposit color into the hair to boost vibrancy. All of the products are formulated without sulfates and parabans so the hair won't oxidize and turn an unwanted rust color.

Roche recommends heading back to the salon every 4-6 weeks for maintenance.


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