Must.Have: Eggplant Manicure

I pondered an eggplant at the farmers’ market the other day: Is it lame to admit I stared and stared, totally in awe/in love/obsessed with the swirling undertones and light flecks of navy and brownish red that blended together to form the most shocking surge of purple I’ve ever seen? Glowingly bright—like it was vibrating with energy, like how objects and people in Keith Haring paintings are surrounded by those little parenthetical lines to give the impression of movement and animation.

I snapped back to beauty editor mode. This color must exist—in a nail polish, lipstick, hair dye!? Backstage at Band of Outsiders during 2013 Fall/Winter Fashion Week, I found this ridiculously gorgeous manicure in Priti NYC’s Super Purple Daylilly. Almost as brilliant as my eggplant.

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