I went to a showing of Lawless; glamorously, we were transported downtown in a giant SUV to an afterparty. By “we” I mean a collection of media-related women, of every different age, style and attitude. We were all silent at first. “Who … was that guy?” For those who have not seen Lawless, there are many guys in it. But we all knew who she was talking about. The SUV exploded in a cacophony of “I know!!” “Right?!” “His mouth!”

The next day I met with Marcia Kilgore, the entrepreneur who created Bliss (sold it for untold jillions), FitFlop and Soap & Glory. Marcia is the picture of accomplished womanhood: Her sleek blonde bob is perfect, as is her dark lipstick and her chic silk pantsuit. She is the sort of grown-up I wish I had evolved into. Apropos of nothing, however, she blurted, “Why doesn’t every man look like Tom Hardy?” No, Marcia had not seen Lawless. She produced a slightly worn card from her immaculate handbag; it was her holiday card from the previous year: “I’M JUST A GIRL, STANDING IN FRONT OF A GUY, ASKING HIM TO LOOK MORE LIKE TOM HARDY,” it said, in pink block letters. “I can’t stop carrying it around,” she laughed.

The next day a small package arrived at my office—more of an envelope, really. In it was this lip balm. No note. But I knew precisely who she meant. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I fell in 
love with the balm: It smells very faintly of apricots, it’s cushy and soft, and it leaves 
the perfect not-glossy, not-matte, just-100-percent-appealing finish.