Five Foolproof Ways to Fake a Tan

Every year around the start of spring, there comes a day when I look into the mirror and am startled by the vampire-like creature staring back at me. Granted, I'm never exactly tanned (I can thank my Irish heritage for that), but after a long winter devoid of sunlight, my skin begs for some color.

Fake baking is not an option and spray tans can be pricey considering how long they last, so I've amassed a collection of non-orange, streak-resistant self tanners and bronzers that add the life back into my complexion in the form of a natural sun-kissed glow.

Click through below to shop five different types of bronzing products that will get you warm weather-ready.


At the beginning of the spring when skin is likely at its palest, mix bronzer with blush to achieve a more natural looking glow. 

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