The Zigzag Manicure

The following is a guest post from our friends at The Beauty Department.

We love this runny, zigzag manicure, which is different than a regular chevron pattern because it’s slightly more abstract and free-handed. (Especially cool is the way one color runs over into the next one.) To do it correctly, you have to find the right pens—some that run/smear as you slowly apply a topcoat, and others that stay put. Here's what we love:

  • Sharpie “Ultra-Fine Point” regular maker (will run/smear). I chose blue.
  • Sharpie “Gold Metallic” Pen, which you may remember from this mani. (These don’t run if you apply a topcoat quickly, but they do if you drag the brush through very slowly.)
  • Sally Hansen nail art pen in white. (Won’t run.)

Whatever colors your choose to use, I suggest putting a white zigzag below a darker zigzag. That way you can really see it when it smears over the white. Once you pick your colors, you're ready to start! For complete, step-by-step instructions, please visit

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