How to Avoid a Hair Disaster Like Mine

My hairstyles generally come about by trial and error. And ever since the last mishap, involving a DIY ombré dye job two years ago, I've just been attempting to restore my damaged hair. Last week, it was finally as long and healthy as it has ever been. But, never satisfied, I decided it was time for another change and began exploring my makeover options—which is where my trouble began.

Lesson 1: Beware of Too-Good-To-Be-True Beauty Discounts
Flash sale sites are great, but do your research before purchasing discounted beauty packages! I found myself blinded by a $150 offer for a cut, dye & blowout. Sure, I’ll hand over my credit card number! Unfortunately, I didn’t read the scathing Yelp reviews of the quasi-French salon until POST-purchase, when it was too late.

Lesson 2: Take Pictures With You
We’ve all heard it before: Show your stylist photos of someone whose hair you admire but also shares your face shape or skin coloring to get a sense of how it will actually turn out. But did I do that? No. Instead, I vaguely instructed her to give me a "semi-ombré, faintly sunkissed" look. I pictured it vividly in my mind, so what could possibly go wrong?

Lesson 3: Speak Up Early!
You're paying for a service. Despite the fact that I was freaking out internally about all the foil-slapping and hacking of my hair into multiple layers, I stayed mum. The result: a two-toned explosion of hideousness.

Lesson 4: Don’t Attempt to Fix It Yourself
Panicking leads to irrational thinking, which is why I convinced myself I needed to tone down the color IMMEDIATELY and ran to buy a box of dye. Instead of a subtle honey brown, my hair ended up with the ugliest brassy color and the texture of thin wire.

Lesson 5: Ask the Pros
When I shamefully removed my beanie for the women in Lucky’s beauty department, they took one look and called in the big dogs: Kyle and Ludmilla at the renowned Oscar Blandi salon. And let me tell you, it is no coincidence K & L are the go-to stylists for various glamorous celebs including Mariah Carey and Megan Hilty. Kyle listened intently to my sob story and offered up the very same five lessons I’ve just shared with you here. Then he meticulously tinted, highlighted and glossed my hair—and I still wasn’t finished. Ludmilla stepped in next to work her styling magic and explained everything I needed to know to keep my hair healthy and frizz-free. Honestly, she was so smart and beautiful, the European knockout could have given me a mullet, and I probably would have felt like I was a movie star. As it was, when she whipped my chair around to show me the final results, I nearly started to weep with gratitude. My hair has now been restored, and looks the best it has in a long, long time—and now, I’m not going to change a thing!

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