Time-Tested Beauty Products Worth Every Penny

When someone has a vibrating-applicator mascara or light-up-compact-lipstick one gimmick short of syncing with my iPhone, I want to try it. But when I see a friend using something more familiar, the sort of thing I think I might've seen my mom or even grandmother use, I really, really want to try it. Products like that have staying power for a reason—like these ones in the slideshow below. From the fancy department store purchases to the drugstore staples, they're the best of the veteran beauty products, with loyal fanbases that don't come from Instragram-worthy packaging or hi-tech chemistry, just tried-and-true effectiveness.

YSL "Touche Eclat" Concealer

This one's only been around since 1992, so it's the youngest product in this list by far. But in that time, it's become the #1 most popular under-eye circle eraser ever. It works miracles. Small, subtle miracles.

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