DIY Your Own Weekend Spa Getaway

Springtime in New York: there really isn’t anything else like it. The sun is shining, the Ray-Bans are everywhere and you can almost hear the birds chirping over the sound of blaring cab horns. Almost. Last week’s warm weather front had me in a particularly stellar mood, so I decided to take my lunch break in Bryant Park to soak up some much-needed Vitamin D. Mid-salad, I was approached with a pitch for what seemed like a ridiculously awesome salon spa package. European facial, mani/pedi, wax and a full-body massage for the mere cost of $40?! Sounds too good to be true!

Well as it turns out, it was—the first signs of spring had made me uncharacteristically optimistic. Okay, they turned me into a total sucker. After some research, I discovered that the “deal” I'd just purchased was no more than a classic rip-off. As I chewed over my new membership at the not-so-exclusive “Did You Really Just Fall For That?” club, I started thinking about all of the stuff that I (and all of the other duped New Yorkers out there) could have picked up for the price of that stupid coupon. This weekend, I'm planning to give myself a few luxe at-home treatments using the beauty products below—each available for under $40! Click through to shop them all.

Approximately 75 disintegrated paper towels and half a bottle of remover later, I’m usually still struggling to remove my polish.  Here’s to avoiding that aggravation.