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Approximately 75 disintegrated paper towels and half a bottle of remover later, I’m usually still struggling to remove my polish.  Here’s to avoiding that aggravation.
With color-coded instructions, this buffing block is a user-friendly polish prep.
The cooling sensation from this peppermint soak is exactly what your feet need after a long work week.  
And the peppermint foot party continues…
Calluses don’t stand a chance.
Sharp objects and klutzy tendencies don’t make for the best combination—hence my fear (and absolute avoidance) of any sort of cuticle removal.  However, it’s time to step up my mani game, and this two-in-one pen seems innocuous enough.
The ultimate nail indulgence.
Why should my eyelids get to have all of the Naked fun? 
This lightweight cream contains the moisture power of a balm or butter without the heavy texture.  It even smells luxurious (I’ve been sneaking it out of my mom’s beauty cabinet for years).
Do away with the last of winter dryness.
Coconut oil meets tropical flower fabulousness.  Mist away!
Oatmeal does the body good…beyond breakfast.
Calling all sensitive-skin-ers: this cleanser is as gentle as it gets.
A Clarisonic clean for a sixth of the price.
What spa weekend would be complete without a mud mask?
Don’t let the name fool you; there will be no peeling of anything.  Just clean, smooth skin.
So worth it. 
Since you’re staying in anyway…
Waxing might not fit the whole “relaxation” theme, but it’s part of the deal.  Besides, it’s espresso…très chic, no?
An absolute waxing must. 
Because do-it-yourself facial waxing still seems pretty scary.