Drew Barrymore's Beauty Evolution

Our May cover girl (and FABB speaker!) Drew Barrymore is one of the most prolific actresses in the business, having starred in some of our favorite romantic comedies ever—not to mention HBO's Emmy-winning Grey Gardens. Now, the child-star-turned-mega-mogul's got her very own beauty line, Flower, which is now available at Walmart stores nationwide. And while cosmetics might seem a curious career move for the film star, Drew's experimented with countless beauty looks of her own over the past several decades, making her more knowledgeable about what works hair- and makeup-wise than most.

Click through to explore some of Drew's best, wildest and weirdest beauty looks from throughout her career. Which is your favorite?

Drew's returned to ombré hair time and time again over the years, and it's certainly a look that works for her. Ditto on that violet liner, which really makes her hazel eyes pop.

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