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A Water-Resistant Foundation With SPF

The perfect base for a long day in the sun.

A Bright Lip Color

This lip pencil is hydrating, long-lasting and comes in four on-trend colors, but the best part? When exposed to UV light, it will make your lips glow in the dark.

Statement Nail Polish
Your nails are pretty much the only part of your body that won't be affected by heat and sweat so go crazy with this season's most vivid hues.
Colorful Eyeliner
Because when else can you get away with wearing seafoam green eyeliner in broad daylight? Add a swipe of waterproof mascara and you'll be looking festival festive.
Hair Pick-Me-Ups

A few hours in you'll have two options when it comes to your undoubtedly dire hair situation: throw it in a topknot or work with what you've got going on.

If you choose the latter, a texturizing powder and dry shampoo will give you the kind of messy boho waves that you can never achieve when your hair is clean.