Get Perfect Prom Makeup With These Pro Tips

From creating the perfect smoky eye to disguising a surprise zit, read on for expert prom beauty tips and tricks from Maybelline New York makeup artist Melissa Silver.

Lucky: Walk us through how to create the perfect prom makeup look.

Melissa Silver: Prom makeup should be fun and long-wearing—you can't go wrong with a metallic eye or a smoky eye and a peachy-pink lip. Both will also look great in years to come when you look back on your photos.

Start with a metallic cream shadow in a gold or bronze from lash to brow, with the least bit on the brow bone. Use a brown liner on top for a more subtle look. To glam it up, go smoky with a charcoal shadow on your lid and lower lash line. Either way, pile on lots of waterproof mascara. Warm up your complexion with a coral blush and a peachy or pinky nude lip for perfect balance. If you want more drama, go for a bold lip in a deep or bright shade, but be sure to choose a long-wear formula as you'll notice the fade more than you would a natural lip.

Lucky: What are some tricks to make the look last all night?

MS: Start your look off right with long-wearing formulas to avoid touch-ups. Layering powders over creams also helps keep your look fresh.

Lucky: In case touch-ups are necessary, what essentials should be in your bag?

MS: Bring along your lip color, a small translucent powder compact or blotting papers, and I love Dream Bouncy Blush for a cheek touch-up since you can apply over your makeup and you don't need a brush.

Lucky: What is the best way to conceal a surprise zit?

MS: Apply your concealer with a tiny brush on the blemish, and softly fan the product out to blend, keeping most of it on the problem. Apply powder with a patting motion rather than a wiping motion, so you don't wipe the carefully applied concealer right off. And then I like to take the same little concealer brush and pat on a touch of powder foundation for extra coverage. The toughest part is leaving it alone once you've covered it up, but that is essential to keep it perfectly incognito.

If you are prone to cystic acne (those who are definitely know), I recommend checking in with your dermatologist a month or so prior to see if there's anything specific to your skin that he or she recommends.

Lucky: Any final words of wisdom?

MS: Everyone looks best when they smile so my final advice is to have a blast!

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