The 11 Most Ridiculous Hair Trends Of All Time

Bizzare Mini-Buns

When we learned to play the recorder (aka the world's lamest musical instrument) in middle school, the first song we were taught happened to be "Hot Cross Buns." Incidentally, that's pretty much the only way we can describe what's going on atop Björk, Gwen Stefani and Kaley Cuoco's heads above. We get that sleeping with your hair into tiny, tight twists yields cool waves come morning, but why would these ladies leave the house with those nutty knots still in place? You wouldn't walk around town with your hair still in hot rollers, would you? Case closed.

From left: Redferns, Getty Images, Getty Images

Senior Digital Editor

Fact: hairstyles fall into and out of favor just as quickly as hemlines do. With every season's fresh crop of fashion silhouettes, so-hot-right-now colors and of-the-moment designers, so too do we welcome new 'dos into the public conscience. Some—like the sleek, chic bobs of the '20s and the stick-straight strands of the '90s—we still wear and love today. But just like style trends, many previously-cool hair trends just weren't that flattering.

Above, we've rounded up a handful of the most ridiculous hair trends in recent memory—all of which were worn and popularized by some of the world's most famous names. Click through to read more about them!