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The Undercut
To some, this style's the epitome of avent-garde edge. To others, it just looks like you got into a losing battle with an electric razor. Either way, singers Cassie and Rihanna approve—and It girl Alice Dellal's made the half-shaved look her signature.
Hair Tinsel
On the bright side, we suppose this is a fine way to use up all those extra shimmery strands that didn't make it onto last year's Christmas tree.
Model Charlotte Free almost single-handedly launched the fashion world's obsession with pink strands when she debuted on the runway in February 2011. Meanwhile, stars like Nicki Minaj (whose debut album is appropriately titled Pink Friday) and Ellie Goulding introduced rose-toned 'dos to the music industry.
The Mullet
Business in the front, party in the back! David Bowie's asymmetrical Ziggy Stardust 'do helped spark a style that Hollywood's pretty young things (see: Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Momsen) have taken for a spin too.
The Mohawk
Oh, Mr. T. We love you, but we pity the fool who copies your tall-on-top, short-on-the-sides haircut of choice. (That means you, Pink and Miley.)
Mall Bangs
If you don't have a soft spot for Christina Applegate's character Sue Ellen Crandell in 1991's Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, you likely have a heart of stone. Sadly, Applegate—along with the female cast of Full House, Madonna circa "Like a Virgin" and most other ladies of the '80s—boasted towering, crest-like bangs of stone. Here's looking at you, Aqua Net.
Feather Extensions
When stars like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Ke$ha began adding long, slender feathers to their hair, young women across the country dashed to their salons to request similar extensions. Many even turned to fly fishing shops, repurposing tackle to make a beauty statement—resulting in a number of very annoyed fishermen. Proof positive that some Coachella-driven trends are best left in Indio.
Extreme Ombré
Here's the thing: we actually really love a subtle ombré, whether you wear it on your hair, your nails or your clothes. But when your hair's literally two entirely different shades—as Ashlee Simpson, Ciara and Rumer Willis demonstrate above—it just looks like you gave up on your roots. We're filing this style under NAGL: Not A Good Look.
Crazy Crimping
Throughout the '80s and '90s, most teenage girls considered crimping irons a beauty must-have. A strange hybrid between a flat iron and a curling iron, crimpers yielded sawtooth-style bends that could be worn as is (à la Fergie and Sabrina the Teenage Witch Melissa Joan Hart, above) or swept into an updo (like Tyra Banks). So why did we think this looked so cool? The verdict's still out on that one.
Braids Gone Wrong
As any reader familiar with our Pinterest page can attest, we love braids. Love them! Unfortunately, with great braids comes great responsibility—and occasionally, people misuse this classic style. Take Christina Aguilera's head-scratching tribute to Medusa, JT's regrettable cornrows phase, or those odd balled-up braids perched atop Jada Pinkett Smith's head.
Bizzare Mini-Buns
When we learned to play the recorder (aka the world's lamest musical instrument) in middle school, the first song we were taught happened to be "Hot Cross Buns." Incidentally, that's pretty much the only way we can describe what's going on atop Björk, Gwen Stefani and Kaley Cuoco's heads above. We get that sleeping with your hair into tiny, tight twists yields cool waves come morning, but why would these ladies leave the house with those nutty knots still in place? You wouldn't walk around town with your hair still in hot rollers, would you? Case closed.