Seven Easy Ways To Get Perfect Prom Hair

Getting ready should be an exciting and fun part of the prom experience. But in my house, it was always stressful and often resulted in tears. The reason? My hair.

Each year I would walk into the salon with a grand idea, and each year I would leave in a diva-like rage, go home and have a total meltdown while unsuccessfully attempting to fix the look. (I swear I've only ever been like this before a prom—but when it comes to my eventual wedding, I make no promises!)

Of course, it was never the hairstylists' fault. Aside from generally acting ridiculous, I made three big mistakes again and again: I chose styles that were created on celebrities with a completely different hair texture or length than mine, I never opted for a test run before the day of the big event and I never simply learned how to do the looks myself.

There are so many great hair tutorials on YouTube that make creating your perfect prom hairstyle a quick and easy experience that there's really no reason to spend extra money on a hairstylist (but if you don't trust your own abilities, have the video handy at the salon). Click through below for how-tos from some of our favorite beauty vloggers and don't forget: try out the look beforehand!