Tickle Time by Anne Heche Sunblock for Kids, $35, Tickletimesunblock.com

If Anne Heche and James Tupper are your parents, you’ve got to be good-looking. This is what I thought about as the two of them sat side by side in my office. Not only would you be good-looking, you’d remain good-looking way past your sell-by date, because your parents had the idea to cram mineral sunscreen into this makeup brush tube with which to dust you all over every morning—so you never got the chance to age prematurely. (As anyone with kids will recognize, getting all-natural sunscreen onto children involves significant mess, not to mention muscle, sturm und drang. This powder utterly bypasses it all.)

But beyond children, the tube of powdered sunscreen is brilliant for all persons because it floats on, rather than needing to be rubbed in, does not leave you looking like a ghost, and no matter how hot it gets—you can leave it in your car on a 95-degree day—it never melts/separates/devolves. I even love the bright tubes. My only suggestion is a new name.