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John Barrett Salon stylists Kayley Pak and Isabel Gullien hooked me on this during our Mad Men hair shoot. When I rub it in a second day blowout, everyone thinks it's fresh.
Has the same effect as a salty seaside breeze, minus the greasy tangles that comes from the real thing.
Spray toward your roots and vigoriously shake your head for big, piece-y, tousled texture.
Smoothes and shapes in a totally undetectable way.

Most every fashion and beauty editor I know swears by this stuff. (Karl Lagerfeld does, too—although I don't technically know him.)
Enhances waves in a non-sticky, non-forced way that looks like you just so happened to wake up with Gisele Bundchen hair.
Half a thimbleful gurantees glossy, bouncy body.
Sleek and shiny straightness that totally skips the flatiron step.