One Lucky Editor Confesses Her Most Embarrasing Beauty Secret—What's Yours?

Last month during our Mad Men hair tutorial, I found myself casually chatting with John Barrett stylist Kayley Pak and her assigned subject, our Executive Fashion Director and the day's Betty Francis, Alexis Bryan Morgan, while her hair set in rollers. Kayley joked that I have such a tough job, spending all afternoon learning blowout tricks. Alexis smiled and said what a treat it was to be professionally styled at work. I laughed and said it was big change from my usual routine, seeing as I don't own a hairbrush.

Small conversation abruptly stopped throughout the room and everyone turned and stared at me. A few mouths hung open. If we were on a movie set, you would've heard crickets.

For a brief moment I considered recanting my statement with one of those insincere "kidding!" cover-ups that girls like to use when they get negative responses. I could just pass off my confession as a silly joke, instead of explaining that I don't own a comb either and, while I do own a blow dryer, it's only for my bangs, which need a 30 second blast to avoid what I call "the guinea pig effect." Because maybe, I thought, those are not things one should share with haircare professionals and beauty experts around.

Then, I began to wonder why. It's not like anyone knew my dirty little low-maintenance secret before I blurted it out. In fact, I get compliments on my slightly disheveled bob around the office all the time. So what if I don't need to brush my hair? It doesn't get tangled! My fingers work just fine for smoothing things out, and are much less irritating to my scalp. It also looks cooler, piecer, off-duty-modelier, if I fix it without uniform plastic teeth. And on days when there's some extra funky texture happening, instead of fighting it with a stick of boar bristles, I embrace the weird waves with liberal amounts sea salt spray.

Do you know who else doesn't own a hairbrush? Sienna Miller. Proenza Schouler models. Kate Moss. (Okay, I made the last one up, but I wouldn't be surprised.) And if they can own not owning a hairbrush, so can I.

Do you use a hairbrush regularly? Let me know in the comments below!

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