Editor-Approved Solutions To Your Biggest Beauty Pet Peeves

Flaky patches, under-eye circles, greasy hair—we've got a near-miracle fix for them all. Click through the slideshow below for tips on handling 11 of the most annoying skin- and hair- related problems out there.

"I have something really fun called Raynaud's disease, a circulatory disorder that shuts off blood flow to my hands and feet when it's cold outside (or inside, for that matter). It's especially troublesome during the winter or in aggressively air-conditioned buildings, and leaves my hands and feet parched to the point of cracking (and, yes, bleeding). Not a great way to make a first impression. I've tried every moisturizer, cream and body butter under the sun, and the ONE product that actually made a difference? Vaseline. Yep, plain old petroleum jelly. I slather it on before bedtime every night, slip on socks and terrycloth gloves and let the stuff sink in overnight. It's also good if you're looking to channel Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Start slidin'!" - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor