Editor-Approved Solutions To Your Biggest Beauty Pet Peeves

Flaky patches, under-eye circles, greasy hair—we've got a near-miracle fix for them all. Click through the slideshow below for tips on handling 11 of the most annoying skin- and hair- related problems out there.

My biggest beauty pet peeve is dark, under-eye circles—by Friday during busy a work week, I look like I have two black eyes without any makeup! I have been prone to dark circles my whole life and I have nearly perfected diminishing them. Here's how: first, I steep two green tea bags and put them in the fridge until cool (a trick I learned from a friend in college during final exams). Then, once cold, I lay back and place each bag right on the problem area for about 10 minutes. The caffeine helps get rid of any puffiness and makes the circles less visible. Next I put on Garnier's Dark Circle Corrector, followed by Amazing Concealer (this is TOTALLY worth the money—I have tried every concealer on the market). I also started taking an iron supplement, which helped a ton! - Mary Kate McCormick, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief