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"I have something really fun called Raynaud's disease, a circulatory disorder that shuts off blood flow to my hands and feet when it's cold outside (or inside, for that matter). It's especially troublesome during the winter or in aggressively air-conditioned buildings, and leaves my hands and feet parched to the point of cracking (and, yes, bleeding). Not a great way to make a first impression. I've tried every moisturizer, cream and body butter under the sun, and the ONE product that actually made a difference? Vaseline. Yep, plain old petroleum jelly. I slather it on before bedtime every night, slip on socks and terrycloth gloves and let the stuff sink in overnight. It's also good if you're looking to channel Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Start slidin'!" - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"Someone told me once about how Starbucks napkins were great if your skin was oily and you needed a quick beauty fix on the go. I didn't believe them until I was in dire need on a hot NYC summer day. I dashed into Starbucks and grabbed a couple extra napkins to go along with my iced coffee—and it really worked. I wouldn't say it's a long-term solution, but with the sweltering heat approaching, it's good to keep in mind!" - Hillary McDaniels, Digital Production Assistant
"Dry patchy skin around my eyes drives me crazy! It becomes this terrible downward spiral: my eyes itch so I rub them, which makes the flakiness worse. Then, everything gets even more ichy and I can't resist rubbing again. That's when I reach for this all-organic, non-irritating creme. (When I'm being diligent, I actually use it before all that happens. A dab every night is the best way to prevent peel-y grossness!)" - Alison Syrett Cleary, Digital Writer
"At different times of the year, I get little red bumps on my upper arms that really annoy me when I want to wear tanks and sleeveless dresses. I started using this heavy-duty lotion called AmLactin, which has lactic acid in it, and it really helps to both exfoliate and moisturize my dry patches." - Karen Wilson, Senior Digital Producer
"Greasy hair is the worst! I'm blond, which means grease is all the more visible (I'm paranoid that even my second-day hair looks oily). Dry shampoo is my savior. It eliminates excess oil, smells good and—bonus—gives my hair rockerish/bedhead-y volume." - Jenna Gottlieb, Senior Fashion Writer
"I broke up with a boy in seventh grade because he had a sock tan! I've overcome my shallowness (mostly), but not my obsession with having a nice even tan. To avoid terrible tan lines, I always opt for a spray-on sunscreen and use a tinted self-tanner in the summer to apply a bronzey glow all over." - Lauren Edelstein, Stylist
"My pet peeve is the midday eye makeup smear. I haven't found a satisfactory way to prevent this from happening in the first place, so my solution is just to wipe it off. After much searching, I finally found the perfect towelettes from Klorane—they're really soft and soothing (a must around the eyes), almost totally unscented and come in a gorgeous package. I carry them everywhere" - Liz Kiernan, Special Sections Director

"I hate to hang around after a manicure so my nail polish doesn't smudge. This keeps them shiny, for a gel finish without the wait time." - Adrianna Barrionuevo, Associate Fashion Credits Editor

"My face gets insanely dry immediately after I wash it every morning and night—though it's nothing a little cream or face oil can't solve, it's a pet peeve nonetheless. I've always said that any soap or cleanser that claims to be moisturizing is lying, but that was before I started using Josh Rosebook's new Moisturizing Cleanser—it leaves my skin super-soft and I could probably go without my daily creams if I wanted to. It's all-natural and made of only the purest ingredients so all I have to do is pop the teensiest amount onto my Clarisonic—less is more!" - Alice Chen, Special Sections Assistant

"I hate mascara fallout—that charcoal-y dust residue that falls on your cheeks and around your eyes. And lashes that are calcified with too much mascara—it just looks so brittle and fake. Hate that!" - Megan O'Neill, Asociate Beauty Editor

My biggest beauty pet peeve is dark, under-eye circles—by Friday during busy a work week, I look like I have two black eyes without any makeup! I have been prone to dark circles my whole life and I have nearly perfected diminishing them. Here's how: first, I steep two green tea bags and put them in the fridge until cool (a trick I learned from a friend in college during final exams). Then, once cold, I lay back and place each bag right on the problem area for about 10 minutes. The caffeine helps get rid of any puffiness and makes the circles less visible. Next I put on Garnier's Dark Circle Corrector, followed by Amazing Concealer (this is TOTALLY worth the money—I have tried every concealer on the market). I also started taking an iron supplement, which helped a ton! - Mary Kate McCormick, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief