We're Obsessed: Get Glitter Fade Nails In Four Easy Steps

Bonus: Add a week more to your gel manicure! The glitter fade is the perfect way to extend a gel manicure: If too much new nail is starting to show, fill the space with glitter and seal with top coat.

How To Do It:

  1. Apply sheer pink as the base layer. 
  2. In a small bowl, combine equal parts of each glitter.
  3. Dip the top coat brush into the glitter mixture and apply glitter at the tip of the nail, brushing down toward the cuticle.
  4. Add top coat for a smooth, shiny finish. Amazing.

Inspiration from Behnaz Sarafpour Spring 2013


What You Need (left to right):

CND Colour in Marshmallow Rose and CND Super Shiney Top Coat, $9 each, CND.com for salons, Martha Stewart Ultra-Fine Craft Glitter in White Gold, Blue Sapphire and Amethyst, $18.89 for 24-pack multipack, amazon.com