24 Lucky Editor-Tested Tips For Busting Acne

"My skin is naturally dry and sensitive; so whenever I get a pimple, I opt for spot treatments that won't irritate my entire face. My trick is a homemade paste made by mashing up an aspirin and adding a little bit of water. I dab it on the problem area over night and when I wake up, the inflammation and redness is significantly improved. This method has worked quicker than any other product I've tried." - Sarah Ferguson, Production Assistant

"Aspirin works wonders on pimples. It's anti-inflammatory and contains a form of salicylic acid. Smash an aspirin and mix with a tiny bit of water. Dab the paste on your pimple. And, by the next day that ginormous zit will be greatly reduced." - Joane Amay, Senior Fashion Credits Editor

There's no miracle cure for acne, but the products and tips above come pretty darn close