Five Beauty Tips That Will Make You Look Better in Photos

2. Learn How to Highlight and Contour

"If you want to stand out in a photograph, there are three things to think about: First and foremost is bone structure. Once you know how to highlight and contour you'll want to do it every day."

Assistant Digital Producer

With smart phones always in hand, every event—from weddings to coffee breaks—has become a prime photo opportunity. But all too often attempts at capturing memories on these devices result in Facebook albums and Instagram feeds full of ghostly, shadowy and sometimes noseless figures.

The obvious solution, of course, is to simply carry around real cameras, but even real cameras can fall victim to less-than-ideal lighting.

So, in a quest to avoid the previously mentioned fate in future tagged photos, I turned to MAC Cosmetics Senior Makeup Artist Tiffany Johnston for an alternative solution: use makeup to fake good lighting and make my features stand out on camera.

Click through below for Johnston's pro product and makeup application tips.

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