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1. Find the Perfect Foundation
"To avoid looking washed out in photos, it is important to choose the right foundation shade for your skin tone. Sometimes you need more than one shade of foundation for the perfect match. I suggest visiting your local MAC store where artists are trained to see both your undertone and overtone."
2. Learn How to Highlight and Contour
"If you want to stand out in a photograph, there are three things to think about: First and foremost is bone structure. Once you know how to highlight and contour you'll want to do it every day."
3. Pile on the Mascara
"Second thing to consider is your eye line; you want to apply lots of mascara. Try MAC False Lashes in Extreme Black."
4. Draw Attention to Your Lips
"Last but not least are your lips. It’s about making the lips look hydrated and interesting. Be sure to play with color and texture."
5. Fake Good Lighting
"Light reflecting products, like the products in MAC's Extra Dimension line, are a beautiful way to give the skin a natural luminosity that isn't overwhelming. If the lighting is low, these products emulate a candle lit effect, perfect for hot summer nights."