John Frieda Runway Style Collection Limited Edition hair ties, $8 for pack, or free with John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, $15,

My insanity for a tiny floral print never, ever dies. Slap it on an ill-fitting bathing suit in a fabric that can’t even get wet and I will pay top dollar. I don’t care. I just love it. If I go to heaven, I will surely possess the power to say, “Make it in Liberty print!” re all things: I will sleep in a Liberty-print bed, I will scamper around (my body, of course, perfect) in Liberty-print underwear, before jumping into my Liberty-print ball gown and running through the fields of still more tiny flowers.

The tiny floral print of these hair ties is actually by Zac Posen, and I cannot resist them. They come free (free!) when you buy a box of John Frieda foam haircolor (which blends better than anything, does not drip and leaves your hair shiny, bouncy and gorgeous) (über-colorist Harry Josh dyed several models’ hair backstage at the Zac Posen show—it’s that easy), or you can buy them for $8.