Korres Greek Yoghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial, $45, sephora.com

I have always loathed facials, sad to say. Caveat: There do exist rare supreme beings—Sonya Dakar and Tammy Fender among them—who can truly beautify your skin. But in general, a facial takes forever and costs a lot, and the aesthetician criticizes your skin, then tries doggedly to sell you 17 million expensive products.

I have also always loathed mayonnaise, so Greek yogurt has improved my life beyond the low-calorie/good-for-you aspect: It holds things like salads and sandwiches together deliciously.* This yogurt mask is so fabulously Euro, I think—summery in its coolingness and, of course, packed with nutrients, probiotics, etc. You put it on, it feels thick and cool and smells addictively of yogurt, you go to sleep (it sinks right in and ruins no sheets, Liberty-print or otherwise), you wake up glowy and dewy.

*Dressing That Makes All Vegetables Instantly Delicious: Mix Greek yogurt with crushed garlic and sea salt. C’est ça! It makes any chopped vegetable into an amazing salad; poured over avocados, it is absolutely transcendent.