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Norma Kamali Calcium Liniment Body Oil
"When it’s hot and when I’m not at work, I live in a tattered pair of jean cut-offs…and there’s nothing sexier than oil-soaked, gleamy exposed legs."
Juara Rice Facial Scrub
"This exfoliating cleanser is mild but thorough and leaves my face insanely smooth and soft—I sort of crave it after a bike ride."
The Organic Pharmacy Rose Balm
"Rose-anything sells me. This smells gorgeous and smooths/softens/hydrates every part of my body. I especially love it on my lips right before bed."
Kiehls Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50
"I’m diligent about doing it, but I’m always—ridiculously—reluctant to apply sunscreen to my face because I loathe that suffocating, sweaty feeling. But I love the watery-thin consistency of this—it sinks in instantly and iscompletely undetectable. I re-apply every few hours."
Elemental Herbology Facial Glow Radiance Peel
"After gallivanting around all day, a mask is seriously the best way to feel refreshed before going out for the night—this glowifying, manuka-honey infused peel does the trick."
Marie Veronique Treatment Face Oil
"I don’t feel like a person until I massage in this organic oil after washing my face. The ingredients are amazing—a crazy, detoxifying infusion of rosehip, papaya and kiwi seed extracts—and have seriously helped calm my breakouts."