Strip Down Your Mani! Find the Perfect Nude Nail Polish For Your Skin Tone

Earlier this week, a colleague remarked at how on a recent trip with friends, not one of them showed up wearing nail polish. "How barbaric!" I thought, looking down at my aqua blue, ombré, rhinestone-studded gel manicure.

With so many enticing spring and summer nail colors, it's difficult to fathom the idea of going "au naturel" or choosing a bland, nude shade.

But on second thought, the idea seemed totally refreshing and perhaps the most appropriate choice for my summer calendar full of weddings and family events.

The only tricky part? Finding the best opaque nude nail polish for my skin tone. (I'm not ready to go completely bare just yet!) Click through to find yours!

Those with fair skin will look best with a nude polish that contains pink undertones.

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